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Turning back the clock on fibrosis

Small molecule inhibitors for reversal of fibrosis

First in class novel inhibitors targeting a central pathway in fibrosis and inflammation

Inosi is developing therapies to address fibrosis, a condition associated with many chronic diseases where tissue damage leads to scarring and a loss of organ function.


Inosi’s technology is based on collaborative research from the founding team at Monash University, the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

IP Group helped spin-out the company and provided seed investment.

Our Partners


Fibrosis is a global problem with high unmet need


deaths linked to fibrosis


of the population have a fibrotic condition


drugs able to reverse fibrosis

The 5th International IRAP Symposium, Prato Italy

22-25 September 2024.

Insulin Regulated Aminopeptidase (IRAP), an enzyme known by many other names, including vasopressinase, oxytocinase, placental leucine aminopeptidase (P-LAP) and angiotensin type 4 receptor (AT4R), plays a role in regulation of glucose uptake as well as degradation of various peptide substrates such as oxytocin. Recent studies indicate IRAP has roles in fibrosis, the immune system, and inflammation.


Inosi Therapeutics is proud to sponsor the IRAP Symposium 2024 to bring together researchers to showcase new discoveries, challenges and therapeutic opportunities in the field of IRAP research.

We would be delighted to see you at the IRAP sysmposium in Prato.


For more information please visit here


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